Friendly Farsund

kontikikari - tekopp

Today I met some wonderful people in a charming, little shop called «mormors butikk». Mormor saw me looking at her second hand things, and asked if I wanted a cup of coffee. When I accepted, I was sat down and given cinemon rolls a costumer had brought. Her son was there, and after a while her husband came. We talked about work and life and Redningsselskapet. They told me about a museum close by with an amfibium car that RS used for a while. (Fun fact: in 1958 they drove it by water to Lyngdal (it almost sank on the way!) and then drove it to Oslo for a gathering for RS). I want one of those!! Mormor gave me the coffe cup I drank from, just because I liked it. And three more cups and a milk mug and a suger cup. I will bring the cup on my voyage.


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