I have met some amazing people on this voyage.


Karen, the spouse of Håkontiki, is one of them. She sees you, makes you feel special. Here is a letter from her:

«Hi Kari,

It is always nice to know that you are missed and loved. Here are some comments posted to you, in response to a lovely picture of you at the kitchen counter of the Rahiti Tane, dressed in your blue Brynje jacket and smiling your amazing smile.

Janna Myerscough Aarvik : Hei Kari Dahl!! Koser deg på havet, ser jeg! Hæli
1 · November 30 at 6:11am

Aase Løken:  Fint bilde.Blir glad av å se deg
November 30 at 8:55am

Laila Kristin Fromreide: Smask
November 30 at 9:07am

There are hearts and smiley emoticons that don’t copy, for some reason, and 33 people have liked the picture, though I cannot see who they are (I have not been giving the password to the Facebook account).

Big hugs to you, Signe, Gunvor, Cecilie, Boris, Pål and last but by no means least, Esteban.


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  1. I am proud to be here in the photo with you and the team, Kari. WHAT A TEAM!!!!
    I hope you make sure you take a group photo when you get to the Easter Island

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