Laugardag coming up


Last week during our weekly all female bath on the bow, Cecilie took some lovely pictures of really white bodies laughing. The bodies have a little more color this week, and we are all looking forward to our weekly bath. We have been joking about what calenders we can make as a suvenirer or keepsake of the trip, maybe that photo can be a beginning.
During Laugardag we clean the mats around the galley, toilet, sweep the little cabin and hang our blankets and sleeping bags out in fresh air.
We don’t really have a good way to wash our clothes, salt water will be somewhat sticky. But most clothes have been drenched in salt water anyhow. I have put away clothes for a halfway ceremony. Clean clothes after three weeks. But i had to cheat and start using the clothes of that bag, because everybody is so cold. I could not keep all of my wool-shirts hidden away when people can’t even sleep at night. It would be like that scene in dumb and dumber…

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