Dear everybody,
We don’t have internet out here in the Pacific. We have a little box called Iridium go. It is for expeditions and trips and we can send as many e-mails as we like. I have the adress Cecilie has, Pål has, Gunvor and Signe has and Esteban and Bora
Please write mails to us. We love to get questions about every aspekt of the journey, to get news from the world and to get inspiration for meals and craft projects.
We can talk on the phone also. To keep the calls personal, and to avoid waking up people, we have decided that 12-2 is a good time to receive calls. That is 17-19 for you in Norway. Høye phone number is stated on, but we have to confirm via e-Mail first. I have to sit and wait for the phone call.

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