Work performed today, thursday

Kari 4

Watches were changed yesterday at noon. Pål and Bora have the 12-4 watch, Signe and Gunvor the 4-8 and Kari and Esteban 8-12. Cecilie helps out whenever she can. Today she was both at the helm and prepared lunch.
We have secured everything under deck, checked that the ropes are tight down there, put a new serving on the shrouds, fixed a part of deck and gotten a drifter of cecilie’s ready for setting to sea tonight.
We are quite busy every day.
I have been quite strict with my watchmates that we have to relieve the others five minutes to eight. It is terrible to be cold and tired and have to wait for a long time to be relieved. And it is cold out here! I sleep in my wool underwear and during watches, I have three wool sweaters on.
No fish so far. I hope that we soon catch and manage to land a fish. It has been close three times. And I hope that I get the first fish.
Captain Bjarne of Tangaroa said that after two weeks it would be easy. I believe him.
So I will get up early in the morning on Saturday and catch a big dorado!!

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