Yellow fever shot-day


Since Øyvind and I are skippers, we will be the only registred crew aboard. Today, we took our vaksination. We had to bring our passports, although a woman in the senter where we got the vaksination said the street was muy peligroso. I am quite nervous about loosing the passport and other papers now that we are getting so close to departure.
The shot was put in my upper arm, and it felt like I got some extra energy from it. At least I went out for dinner with Signe, Gunvor and Ola. And we met Jostein, Espen, Katarina and Ida. Then Pål and Geir showed up. We are many people here now, 25 in total, but most everybody are going home today or tomorrow. They have been absolutely amazing. Happy even though their days have been long, food poor and rooms crowded.

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