A milestone


Today is the bapitizing of the raft, and finally a break for the raft builders and crew. The plan is that the ceremony starts at 10, and that we will move the rafts to La Punta, where we live. Aften that there will be a party at a restaurant in La Punta. The ambassador in Chile will comeback for the ceremony, along with the consul of Norway in Peru and other guests.

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Another long day at the wharf.


These raft builders are a breed of their ovn. There are the hard working people, and there are those who seem to need no rest. We all work 10 hour days, but the extra hard working people could pull allnighters. And still get work done.
Today our crewmember Esteban got robbet at knife point while getting pizza for the rest. He returned shaken and pizzaless, and the super-raftbuilders kept going without food.

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