I am going to speed the next week on the 4-8 watch with Gunvor. I am happy to be on watch with her, and happy to try the 4-8 watch again. It is more like my regular sleeping cycle than 8-12, but i have been thinking that it is best for me as skipper to be available during the daytime. I am never far away, but I will need some more sleep during the day now than on 8-12.
Pål asked me if her could get off the 12-4, as he had been on it for three weeks. We had a watch change today, so now Signe has it, and Gunvor will get it he last few weeks before arrival. I will stay on 8-12 and 4-8.
Gunvor is from Øystese. The little town we can see from Jan’s parent’s hytte on Herandsholmen. She was n exchange student in America also, and has been studying outdoor life for three years in Telemark. She has been in Kristiansand a lot. In Grim also, where I grew up. Gunvor seems to like sowing. She has sown the sail, a cover for the galley, covers to separate the bunks and now she is sowing little patches on her undies where there are holes. I said she should make little hearts, and she did. She also spent an hour sowing a rope into the Cosmo-flag that we will be using to indikate the wind direction. She MUST be patient also.

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