Robbery part 1


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Today I am writing from Aguas Calientes/ Machu Picchu Pueblo. We are on a field trip taking in this beautiful country and people. I love speaking spanish again, and it did not take me long to get back into it this time.
It has been a long day, we woke up at 03:30 to catch the bus to the airport, and now I am going to bed.
I was robbed yesterday, and spent all evening in different police stations in Lima. I am calm about it now, but it was both annoying and scary. Annoying that my ipad, phones and visacard was stolen, scary to hang out of a taxi screaming my head off without anybody helping me. It was the common way to get robbed. «Ratas» surrounded the taxi, found an open window and managed to open the door. Our doors in the back were locked and windows closed. The driver had his window open. It was in Callao where it happens frequently.
I guess the fact that the driver had his window open was what sent us all around town. Maybe he was involved, at least he should have known better!
I am buing a telephone now, and will publish photos from the trip tomorrow.


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