We are at sea!

flåten kontiki2

The winds are southerly, but we managed to keep 220-280 on the compass over night. Not bad maneuvering something totally new.

The tow out 30 nm to sea was the worst part so far. Rahiti Tane was in front and Tupac Yupanqui behind. We had 60 m of line in each direction, but the pull on our raft was intense. We had to stop the tug twice to rearrange the lines and put in hardwood and spett to keep the aft balsalog from splitting. I was not happy and stayed up most of the night.

The day got really busy as well. Clearing our bunks, the deck, adjusting guaras, putting the dighy on water to get some toolsfrom the other raft, and finally SETTING SAIL. The other vessel have more experience than us, and are sailing higherand faster. But theyhave towaitforus, that is the agreement. We SAIL together. The forecast is loosing good, and most oft the crew have found their sea legs.

So far the food has been amazing. Signe managed to fire up the galley during the tow and made the most amazing fridd vegetables, and a cooking tip: grate ginger into the soy sauce. Cooking tip 2: keep the avokado-Stone in the guacamole and it does not turn brown.

Now: a little bit of morning yoga and meteorological observation with Cecilie. WE bring you the weather of Humbolt current!!!


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