It´s getting exciting!


So far on this voyage, Tupac has been the sharpest sailing balsa of the two rafts.
But something has changed.
We were 12nm miles away from each other at eight o clock last night. Rahiti Tane have been sailing as slow as she can, not gaining height, the crew hardly working at the helm all night. And still we gained another 2,5 nm and height.
It can be both the vessel and it can be the crew. As we have been struggling for a month to keep up with Tupac, we have all become good and fokused helmsmen. Even the fresh sailors have been reading the squalls,  trying to get most out of each shift of wind.
Today we will use the time when we wait for Tupac to become even better at sailing balsas. We have been sailing on one tack, port tack, the whole way. At mid-day, when we are all well rested after night watches, we will make different maneuvers. We will turn downwind a few times first, kuvending. And them we will practice the coolest maneuver of all- going over stay, tacking, stagvending. None of us have done it on a balsa raft before, and we are super excited to see what the day will bring. Theory will be tested today. Maybe we write balsa-history?
Klaus: this day is for you! We will make sure to document it.


(illustrasjonsfoto. Trur eg….. ;-D)

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  1. Illustrasjonsbildet viser ein stagvending (tack). Flåten må få god fart og styre hardt opp mot vinden slik at vinden kommer inn frå den andre sida. Reknar med det kan bli utfordrande med handtering av råsegl og løfting av guarabord. Gleder meg til å høyre meir om dette.

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