Sleeping on a moving object….


I remember writing a blog that Siren liked very much.
It was about sleeping on a Redningsskøyte.
Well, here is the parallell-on a balsa raft.

Morning breeze blows in my face, with the pace of the waves. I hear water running underneath my bed (i have to run to the bathroom). If the wave is a little big, drops come up to the wall next to me, if the wave is large, i get a splash on my sleeping bag. I have a red sleeping bag, and inside of it is a blanket made of wool. (One of Jan’s employers gave it to him for Christmas. Thank you!) I wear wool socks made by my mother, and they are my favorite item on board. I have put up a mosquito net and a scarf to make a little privat cavern, but when I look up, I can see straight in to the bunks of Cecilie. Gunvor, Esteban and Bora. Next to me is the navigation desk, then Pål and Signe. I have a hammock over my head. It has my books in it, some clothes and toiletpaper and garlic. I have more clothes with me than I need. It is all stored in the two boxes I sleep on. One box is for the community, one is for me. I have a thin, blue mat on top of the boxes. I will never, ever in my life complain about a bed again. But my body has gotten used to it. It does not hurt anymore. The lack of privacy does not bitter me much anymore either. When I need time to myself, i go somwhere where others are not. The others do the same. Sometimes people stay in bed all day. That’s OK too. But we get worried and give them little gifts and hot drinks. Then they normally get on their feet.




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