A week at sea

Kari 4

As a wake-up call at six this morning, the insane squeeking next to my ear stopped. The wind has changed, is more gentle and so are the waves. The temperature inside our cabin increased at least five degrees. I have been wearing my thickest, double layered Brynje underwear for a week. Maybe i can hang it out to air it today.
We are having our first Laugardag. It is called bakkestørn on the ships i have worked before. Everyone participates in cleaning the ship, one area each. Cecilie, the oceanographer, often referred to as «mor», will organize us. I have suggested that everyone takes their bedclothes out for air, and that we take a bath after the job is done. My friends Nicole and Elin gave me some lovely fremst before I left, and I also brought a honey body-scrub that my old neighbour Chelsea gave me in Sandsli.

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  1. Looks like you are going good! Well done. How did the cleaning go? Air your bedding once a week…? More often than at home? Have A great second week on board.

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