dorado kontiki2

Today there was a dorado on the line. It managed to get away because the hook was too small. Pål, who was reeling it in put on his lucky fishing hat that we got from Dr Hook, Geir Salvesen. The hooks that are on now are much larger.
Yesterday we had some lovely dorado for dinner, and ceviche for lunch today. We cheated a bit getting it… We were keeping the two rafts together for some repairs of crew and electronics, doctor and electroengineer went to oposite rafts. Some of the sailors swam over to be on the «girl» raft for the afternoon. And they were right to do that! Cecilie had used the outmeal porridge and the rest of our mango to make an amazing bread. We have lots of cheese and the boys were properly wow’ed.

Watches are running smoothly except for Esteban, who is still sea sick. We are trying to let him get enough rest, love and medicine to get him on his feet shortly.

dorado 2 kontiki2

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  1. Dear Kari, your blog is GREAT. However, I have to point out that there are TWO totally different species of fish that both have the name Dorado. The big photo on the top of this post is the freshwater species that is found in the Amazone, among other places. The smaller photo further down is the Dorado you have learned to know at sea. When you find it in restaurants, it is called Mahi Mahi. Also (not so precisely) known as Gold mackerel/Gullmakrell. Correction of my name: Geir Sivertzen = Dr.Hook (not Salvesen) 😉

    1. Hei, Geir!

      The somewhat confusing part of the illustrating photos you can blame on me ? Because Karis mail provider does not allow for pictures, I have to spice the blog up with some other photos. Seeing that I have no idea what she´s talking about ;-D, the pictures are the closes I can get to reference what she´s detailing from her trip. I hope you can forgive me for the confusion, and I simply LOVE the fact that you can update us all on such details (I mean..a fish is just a fish, isn´t it? hehe..)

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