Dear students of Bergen Maritime and Fagskolen i Kristiansand


I am currently sailing as skipper on a balsa raft from Lima, Peru to the Easter Island, Chile. I have a sextant with me, and I was hoping to use it every day.
But take a look at or any other weather forcasting broadcaster, and you will see that it has been cloudy for nearly the whole voyage. And very wavy. I am on the 4-8 watch now, and i get both sundown and sunrise.

First starobservation. First horizon with twilight and Sirius.

So first angle: 55 degrees. At 06:20 (lokal time)
Second: 51 05 11:23:29 utc

I am standing 1,84 tall on a balsa raft 40 cm above water.

My position was:

S20 11,75
W 100 00,4

SOG: 1,2
Course: 182

I will start with the math later on today, but first a little nap.
Please give me advice on how to make observations go more smoothly.
How do i calculate midday passage to lokal time?

Here is the equipment i have: peilekompass, sekstanten, nautiske almanakker, kalkulator, lærebok, oppstillingen for utregning fra skoledagene og ipad (med stjerneatlas og utregningsmulighet)



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