Reports on a Sunday


Yesterday’s Laugardag was a great success. Cecilie was watch while the three other girls had a proper bath at the bow. We brought out shampoos, lotions and oils, and now hair and bodies are clean as when we are at home. Washing in salt water is no problem as long as the skin gets some moisture afterwards. The toilet-area and galley was cleaned, the cabin was swept clean, all bedlinnen put outside for some time and the solarpanels washed.
Today we are having a team building exercise that Pål calls «diversity icebreaker». I think it is important that we find good ways to communicate. So far everything has run smoothly, but we had a heated conversation regarding food, more specifically the lack of meat. Cecilie shows yet other important skills for the team. She is a good diplomat and managed to define the issues at hand, let the frustrated part find his solution and for those involved to shake hands afterwards.
What a great team!
Now, I will get up and do a little bit of morning yoga.

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