The little cabin


Our Hut is made of bamboo and eucalyptus. The walls are made of canvas and covered with mats of straw, so is the roof. The hut squeeks all day and all night. We all have to use earplugs. I have some with a rope between them. I used them at the wharf in Callao also. The water runs under my bunk, and when I wake up in the night, I immediately need to go to the bathroom. I have placed bamboo-halves as scuppers (takrenner), so that things will not fall down into the water. Bora lost him iPhone yesterday, and Cecilie both body lotions and glasses. «Litt svinn må man regne med». My personal things are in å box that I sleep on. I have too much clothes with me. So far, all have used is for rainy days and norwegian winter.. Wool and rain gear. I also sleep on a box with oats and chocolates. On Wednesdays and Saturdays we have especially good food and chocolates! I have a hammock with GPS antenna, ginger and garlic henging over me, and an old orange-box in my corner-wall. I keep my book, «stoner» there,and my sunglasses.
Next to me is the navigation desk. Now storage for drinking water, next to it is Pål, along the next wall Signe. The doorway is by my feet. In the other end of the Hut is four sleeping compartments. Cecilie has the wall oposite of the door for her scientific gear. All we do inside the Hut is sleep and read and sow.

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