T´was the night before departure…


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Jan and Bjørn (the labrador) are sleeping. They have been out in the yard working all day. I have helped out also, trying to wear myself out, so that I can get some decent sleep tonight. But knowing myself, I will not get ore than a couple of hours in.

I have been to and from the house today.
Had a coffee with my dear friend Maja, printed out the KonTiki2 Emergency Response Plan and laminated it at my parents’ place, went home, got the two boxes from Stormberg delivered, and also three suitcases from Håkon in Oslo. I am definitely NOT travelling light this time.
The others bragged about 70 kg overweight. I have at least a hundred. I have no chance og getting anywhere on my own, and have asked the crew to come and get me at the airport tomorrow. My flight is at 06:45, I will have a four hour stop in Amsterdam, and be safe in Peru at 18:00, local time. It is amazing how quickly one changes surroundings.

My last minute laundry just beeped. I will go and line everything up for departure. Passport, money, documentation, pad, book, suitcase, sun glasses, shoes etc. I hope I don’t forget the important things. But I have been writing packing lists for 9 months now, so it should all be there…


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