This day started at 7, when Gunvor pulled me in the leg and said
I think we have fish.
And she was right. I reeled it in, and as it got close to the raft, I could make out the beautiful colors of the  dorado. What a majestic fish. I was calm, because we have lost so many fishes so far. But as its beautiful blue ray came coser to the raft, my adrenaline  kicked in and my heart started pounding. Gunvor was ready with a klepp, and I steadily reeled it in to the aft end of the raft. I lifted it out of the water, saw its face, it shook its head and body and got away. My disappointment was intense, but I think I managed to hide it.
Three hours later Esteban landed our first dorado of the trip. I really like that he was the one to get it. He is a sweetheart, but has had a hard time adjusting to life at sea and this peculiar setting. I think he will be fine now that he is the king of fishing. We took some really good pictures that we will send to Dr Hook, Geir Sivertsen. Thank you for the fishing gear!!

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