Last day of September – and only 3 weeks to go

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The last day of the month- 3 weeks until I depart from Norway.
Yesterday I spoke with Signe, who is going on my raft Rahiti Tane. She is going to sail as skipper on the way back from Easter Island to Peru. She will be one of the watch officers on the first leg of the voyage. We spoke about the sailing- how close to the wind can we sail, how will the bracing be affected by the masts if we reef the sails etc. There are so many exciting aspects to this journey! I am still confident that we will sail really well and get to the Easter Island in good time to get home before Christmas. But there are some challenges: El nino, learning to sail the raft, and getting the crew together as a strong and confident group.
There is a new crew member on the raft. The final guy. I am super excited that he is coming along! I met him once in Bergen, and he made a really good first impression. He is going to be presented both in Chile and on the web page really soon.
Tomorrow the lobster season starts in Norway. I am stationed in Arenal on RS 147 Inge Steensland, and I believe this week end will be very busy. The forecast is quite good with light winds and sun, so I hope everyone will keep their ropes out of their propellers and enjoy some good days at sea.



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