Monday afternoon


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The cook has prepared lovely quinoa, with tomato and vegetables. We have not got ved many vegetables left; onions, carrots, garlic, ginger. We have to be creative when cooking. Tomorrow I am making falafel from chickpeas, garlic and an unknown green spice. Cecilie knows how to make english muffins, norwegian style, and it will replace pita bread. Onions will replace lettuce, tomato and corn. I will make a hot sauce of chili,  vegetable broth and maizena. For dessert, I will serve moroccan style oranges with cinnamon.
Food is so important on a ship. And quite soon, we are out of fresh food. I am surprised it has lasted such a long time. Ten days, now. But it has not been AS hot as we expected. Cloudy every day, cold at night, 20 degrees in the daytime.
The atmosphere on board is still good, today Pål had a sesjon called Diversity Icebreaker. It was meant as a tool for solving conflicts. I am red- emotions and people’s wellbeing comes above other conserns. The riggers are blue- direct and problemsolvers, while the scientist and electrician are green- creative and philosophical. In the session I decided that Cecilie will be the diplomatic mediator if a difficult situation arises.

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