Lobster lines, iPads and knives

KonTikiKari 2
A few busy days at work. We have had four scuba dives on vessels who got lobster-lines around their propellers, a young couple needed help to have their boat moved around the port of Grimstad, and the pilot has been out a few times to take in vessels to Arendal.
I have ordered an iPad for the Kon-Tiki2 trip. Greenphones in Tvedestrand had just the right kind for me. And it was used and unwanted, which made it even more attractive to me. Now I just need to find a waterproof case for it and download all the apps that I can use with Iridium go. We will be using iridium go on the voyage. I am excited to see how it works. There is satellite coverage all over the world, and the South Pacific should be no exception. Still, I haven’t tested it yet.
Here are some of the tools that I am bringing to Peru for the Kon-Tiki voyage. Knives are important booth for safety and work, so I am bringing quite a few.. Here are some tools that are mainly for rig-work.


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